thecanadaproject in Paris July 2012

Square René-Viviani, Paris // this day in British Columbia’s history

About memorial and counter-memorial. About truth, about fiction. About memory that is collective. About memory that is transactional. About the pressure to agree. About dis/agreeing.

“Inside the square, there are two features: an odd-looking fountain and an ancient tree”

2 thoughts on “Square René-Viviani, Paris // this day in British Columbia’s history”

  1. Regrettably, my shameful monolingualism prevents me from reading most of the marker, but fortunately I was able to read about M. Viviani on Wikipedia. Thanks for the introduction. Did you visit the ancient locust tree? On the other hand, I’ve been thinking about the Komagata Maru for, especially, the past month, and recently met someone who spoke of Ali Kazimi’s book, which I have yet to read. The subject was entirely unreferenced in my British Columbia public school education way back when and I knew nothing of it until I was in my late 20s. So important to acknowledge, and discuss.

    I’ve traipsed across a healthy chunk of Europe, but somehow have yet to visit France (save a midnight bus jaunt from Calais to Amsterdam, much of which I slept through), so I envy your Paris adventures. I’m unclear if they are still under way, or if you are in fact blogging from home, après le fait. Do let me know when you’re back in local circulation – fish pakoras await.


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