with Coastal First Nations

at Khutze Inlet, we wait for the bears

–they do not appear, the bears. We are too loud, I think; my twenty-year old MEC coat, too bright red.

I cannot get enough of this valley: purple lupines, Lyngby’s Sedge.

We are here only because we are guided, supported: much thanks to the Kitasoo/Xai’xais First Nations, Chief Doug Neasloss, TimMcGrady, General Manager, Spirit Bear Lodge and of course, our skipper, Charlie Mason, hereditary chief of the Xai’xais First Nation.

Memory: Charlie Mason to me, on the boat the next day, about preparing cedar for hats: You have to be patient.

Memory: about falling in the mud, about being permitted to fall, to pick myself up.

It felt good.

2 thoughts on “at Khutze Inlet, we wait for the bears”

  1. Photo of the inlet is wonderful, all that soft, luscious sedge grass … reminds me of areas around Ahousaht, for sure, and makes me lonesome for that wild beauty.

    “You have to be patient.” I am reflecting on this in my own life, and finding it incredibly difficult.


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