today’s readings, Autumnly

first, there is the work: in progress, “Thinking about Anna,” variations on an unrhymed glosa

later, there will be performance: with Rachel Rose, two of her poems, first published in Rattle, about [redacted]

then there are readings, to examine and confer, sound-weight: what Frost called, tone

  • “In the old neighbourhood,” Tim Bowling in Ryga No.5
  • “leave the blinds open,” Jennifer LoveGrove, in Ryga No.5
  • “Shimmer, i. place your body,” Cecily Nicholson
  • “Provenance,” Jim Johnstone (found him on the Inner/Net, via Shane Neilson via Corinna Chong via Ryga)

And arrived! from Coach House: Lip Service, Bruce Andrews. He will be for me as Robin Blaser’s The Holy Forest

(on the piano, Dante. He rests)–Pilgrim, this is purpose: from Rachel (Rose) to Rachel (Blau DuPlessis):

from Draft 81: Gap: skytrain reading with Nicholson and…

a poem to contemplate: John Barton’s on blood and the Krever Commission

2 thoughts on “today’s readings, Autumnly”

  1. somehow poems on autumn are my favourite. a season that is so alive while nature dies, it’s contemplative, it looks back, when it’s wiped clean it waits to be washed by winter rains. to be forgotten until next year. I feel a poem coming on. thanks


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