“her profoundly inauthentic reading style”

about how to read a poem, out loud

about U.S. Presidential Inaugurations and the poets, reading and the poets, responding

about how we hear a poem

about Elizabeth Alexander, Robert Frost, Maya Angelou, and the new guy

about the dreaded poet’s voice

p.s. what does authentic sound like?Them not Us

2 thoughts on ““her profoundly inauthentic reading style””

  1. No idea what authentic sounds like. Is anyone complaining about the new guy? I liked his poem and how he read it. Why does no one ever complain about the dreaded prose writer’s voice? We get told we are droning or being overly dramatic, or speaking too loud or too soft, or too fast or too slow, but our deficiencies, if any (and I admit to none) don’t get lumped together as prose writer’s voice.


    1. Toni! Love your response. Yep. It’s all very interesting, eh, how people hear us, their assumptions about what they hear… pssst. not sure what your Friday afternoon is like…let me know if you are interested in a visit to London Drugs (Marine Way) they have Dutch Ovens on sale and I hope to check it out


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