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Indian Summer: festival, play, exhibit

June 2013 059Indian Summer Festival,  July 2-13: includes Deepa Mehta, Jeet Thayil; Shauna Sing Baldwin, and many more.

I’m honoured to be part of a panel curated by Naveen Girn: Reclamation/Exclamation – I’m going to read from children of air india, the paldi poems: “behind the official stories of the nation live the silenced histories”


The Secret Doctrine, July 2-5, Fei & Milton Wong Experimental Theatre, Goldcorp Centre for the Arts – the always fascinating Particia Gruben’s multi-layered play about passion, power, loyalty, science, the supernatural and colonialism. Set in 1885 at the height of the Raj.

Patricia and her team have designed a quite magical accompanying exhibit, The Veil of Nature – free, and you get to walk into a Museum of Liminal Science. It’s on the fourth floor, Room 4350.


In the Audain Gallery, in the same building as the play and the installation: The Biography of Images: must see, Jayce Salloum’s Beirut montage, Kan ya ma kan  and Arni Haraldsson’s unforgettable photographs of Chandigarh, c 1961

“Again, place has come to haunt globalization.”

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