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Reblogged from pipersfrithblog.wordpress.com:

Once upon time, I began contemplating Piper’s Frith before I knew it existed.

My contemplation began on the same day that I arrived to Newfoundland, in 1962.
Now, who would believe such thing?

That a sixth-month old mewling, Bombay/Mumbai to Gander, might foresee her own later-self, forty-nine years forward—

October 25, 2011. Evening. Cabin #7 at Kilmory, on the Burin Peninsula.

Cabin #7 inside the floorboards creak their wood-bound whisperings: What if the lights go out? What if the heat stops working? Where is the flashlight? Is there a flashlight?

Outside: The storm comes on, the wind—

Cabin #6 the blue light of an lcd flickering…


Cabin #7 I shall resist the impulse to double-check the gas stove. All the gurgles of the Fridge are as the chatter of a friend.

Outside the wind starts in on a louder howl.

Cabin #6. lcd blue light off

Cabin #7. Once I have done watching the dark for signs of commotion, I will boil water for peppermint tea.

Cabin #7 Inside, the wood creaks its secrets to the gurgling Fridge, the tick-tick-gas stove.

Outside over a scarp of land, over scars, fissures, roaring.

Cabin #7. No cell phone, no line phone, no internet. Enough light. Heat. Running water. Time moves this pen across paper.

Outside: up country, having moved off its most eastern point. Writing the Avalonian Shield.

Cabin #7 Inside-reading John Steffler by way of Don McKay.

Dedication: from Don, “the reeds give way to the wind and give the wind away” (A.R. Ammons)

Piper’s Frith is an intense, inspirational writers’ retreat in spectacular Newfoundland. Held every October over five days, it brings together creative writers at all levels of experience for mentorship, fellowship and shared inspiration. Learn more about the next retreat HERE.

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