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Flowers we will never know the names of

Flowers We Will Never Know the Names Of
long poem
by Cathy Ford

“In the tradition of the sacred mass, Flowers We Will Never Know The Names Of is at once an elegant private memorial, where the names of those who were lost can be touched directly, and a fit public outcry and lament on behalf of all of Canada from coast to coast.”

 –Roo Borson

“To hold history and personal testimony, inside and across the length of a poem’s long line, requires a generous intellect, patience, and a gift of music. This long poem embarks on its sacred purpose, layering elegy with the word-lists of an abecedarian. Ford, in startling imagery, in loving list-making, creates a new site of resistance to violence: the long poem’s embrace of the flower as a ritualized act of the political-lyric! Despite its sorrowful subject, this masterful blend of free verse and form is a cause for rejoicing: an invitation to every woman and man in this North America, to say: ‘je me souviens’.”

december 6, always the names



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