about doing the work, thecanadaproject in Paris July 2012

ottawa poetry newsletter: Works from thecanadaproject, vol 2

rob mclennan, curator over at ottawa poetry newsletter, has been kind enough to feature a new installment from volume 2 of thecanadaproject:

“No language exists on the outside. Finders must venture inside.

                                    from thecanadaproject, volume two

So here we are, beetling away into a language, alone in our library corners. I will now attempt a trans-literal inscription of this note.

Scrip. No. #1

Centre Pompidou - Paris Standing Exhibit July 2012
Image by Renée Sarojini Saklikar. An installation at the Centre Pompidou, Paris, July 2012, from their standing exhibit.

The fragments are proving elusive. My Sanskriti-Romano-Celtic/Saxon is terrible.

To search for the grammatical underpinning of any hybrid…

However, I refuse to accept that even writing about Sanskriti-Romano-Celtic/Saxon in its cousin-language, English, is a kind of sacrilege.

Worldwide there are but a handful of scholars who would hazard a guess at the bastard provenance. Glad you, at least, are interested.

BTW, I refuse to believe Old Aunty’s curse.

One monsoon afternoon, over steaming surti-tea, she said: Deekrah-beti, don’t use acronyms. Use of acronyms will find you with some really bad happening-thing. This will occur on the last day of February, in any given year. “

For more, click here

 Featured Image credit: Vessios Photography

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