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ti-TCR #12 | Roy Kiyooka Audio Assemblage

ti-TCR #12 | Roy Kiyooka Audio Assemblage

A special web folio to accompany the Pacific Poetries issue:

ti-TCR web folio

“As a companion to TCR’s Pacific Poetries print issue (3.26), this edition of ti-TCR presents an archival selection from acclaimed artist and writer Roy Kiyooka’s “Pacific Windows” project, drawn from TCR 2.2 and 2.3. The work featured here includes an excerpt from the special “Pacific Windows” issue of Kiyooka’s photographs and text (TCR 2.3) as well as Kiyooka’s “Notes Toward a Book of Photoglyphs,” an epistolary poetic discussion printed in TCR 2.2 that develops ideas for the larger project. Founding TCR editor Pierre Coupey’s essay describes the process of editing the Kiyooka issue, and rob mclennan’s piece contextualizes the work further.

For their generosity, many thanks to the contributors and to the estate of Roy Kiyooka. Enjoy!”

Read ti-TCR #12


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