Tereza Verenca / New West Record interviews me about writing and trauma

‘An incredible journey for which I feel gratitude’

The Record caught up with award-winning author Renée Saklikar to talk about her poetry collection, her upcoming writing workshop and more…

Renée Saklikar will be hosting a writing workshop at Anvil Centre on Sept. 12 from 1 to 4 p.m. The award-winning author will be talking about her book Children of Air India: Un/authorized Exhibits and Interjections (Nightwood Editions, 2013) and how the narrative strategies she uses helps with personal trauma. – READ MORE HERE

“4. Talk about your approach to invention strategies and how it’s been able to allow you to tell these stories.
This is what I hope to encourage people to contemplate in their own writing. I’ve found through my research that sentiment can be a real problem when you’re writing your own trauma story because too easily, it becomes about cliché, and it can actually shut your readership out. So how do you get distance from sentiment and get to emotion, which is different. Think about persona. I created this persona where I used the letter N for niece, for narrator. That put distance between me, Renée Saklikar and who I wanted to create, so that I could invite the reader in to go on this journey.” READ MORE HERE

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