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of bees and wings, reblogging Mark Winston’s essay

September Joyce Collingwood 2014 015One of my great delights is working on a series of bee poems based on the work of Dr. Mark Winston.

This Sunday at Word Vancouver, I read one of these bee poems from the lovely Cascadia chapbook (Leaf Press) with Heidi Greco and George Stanley and this morning, Mark sent me a link to his blog where he writes about his life and work as a bee scientist…

“Walking into an apiary is intellectually challenging and emotionally rich, sensual and riveting. Time slows down. Focus increases, awareness heightens, all senses captivated.

Lifting my smoker, I am totally in the present but also connected to memories of friends, fellow beekeepers and innumerable long days in other apiaries when we shared periods of tedium, hard physical labor and occasional glimpses of wisdom. These moments of understanding, penetrating the complexity of our usually unfathomable natural world, still take my breath away.”

– Bee Time: Lessons from the Hive

Read the piece here


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