The Outer Harbour – City of Vancouver Book Award Winner

The Outer Harbour Wayde ComptonThe Outer Harbour book cover: Merapi (2007) by Diyan Achjadi.

Wayde Compton’s The Outer Harbour (Arsenal Pulp Press): subtle, complex, funny, sly, layered, strange (my highest compliment), lyric/conceptual. Yeah. Like that.

Reviews for The Outer Harbour:

The Outer Harbour is the hybrid lovechild of a poet and prophet. So assured, so eloquent, my thought on the final page was, How did this not exist before? It’s a rare thing, a debut from a writer who’s already a master craftsman, creating in his prime.”

—Mat Johnson, author of Pym, Drop, and Hunting in Harlem

The Outer Harbour plunges Vancouver through the looking glass, a dazzling reflection into the future. Compton’s stories ingeniously tread the ground between sharp, social criticism and giddy invention; he unfolds his characters like origami, injecting them with a sad wisdom and complex sympathy as the world around them mutates like a waking dream.”

—Eden Robinson, author of Monkey Beach

“The Outer Harbour is the work of a remarkable, mature writer at the top of his powers, creating fictions that are not only vastly entertaining but also freighted with important messages from the margins of B.C. society. We are lucky to have Wayde Compton in our midst.”

Tom Sandborn, A Special to the Vancouver Sun

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