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Reading for Change: the document as Witness, Part 2

Part Two of an essay that came about through a recent BC Library Association Conference panel I participated in with Aislinn Hunter, Valerie Patrick, and Meghan Savage, titled “Reading for Change: how reading leads to action”:

On the Train with RSS
Little Gidding and the music of Owen Underhill’s Curio Box: June 5, 2016

 Part Two : The Information

incantation: reading for change: the document as witness (a repetition)

  • extemporaneous & textual: selected fragments: Senate Select Committee on intelligence, UNCLASSIFIED: Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention and Interrogation Program, foreward by Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Dianne Feinstein, Findings and Conclusions, Executive Summary, Declassified Revisions, December 3, 2014.
  • inscription, “The Present is a time within us”: fourth season, in the year of the reign 2014” from THOT-J-BAP, a long poem

in the Archive of memory:  the text as material


The dart of my story stings: from M.NorbeSe Philip, Zong!


Voir Dire

reading language as material,

experience, as gesture.

Cadence, a call to action.

Stillness/movement. That twenty foot table, I dream of it.

: — (his) music, (his) arrangement of gesture, (his) image.

My words, my dead—their voices, the singers/musicians.

Always we are in rehearsal.

the long slow impact–

of reading slant, non-directional

praxis: against description, against the literal, except when necessary, by any means necessary ~ about invention, imagination, witness, observation. And so, begin: Narita, hymnal-acronym


Part Three: Selected, a continuum—

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