July 23 – Mashed Poetics: Death Cab for Cutie

Mashed Poetics returns on Saturday July 23rd at Seven Dining Lounge, featuring Death Cab for Cutie’s album Transatlanticism:


Mashed Poetics is a night of spoken word and music mash up where we take a record album and get poets to write new poems inspired by the music.

Plus we have The Transatlantic Yellow Cabs playing all the songs with poets performing in between the music.

And it wil be Jillian Christmas’ birthday. And Sara and Trevor Spilchen’s Anniversary!

This will also be the first night of the Celebration of Light 2016 so if you are looking for a less claustrophobic alternative to your Saturday night come on out and join us.”

Side 1

  • 1) The New Year–Emilee Nimetz
  • 2) Lightness–Carol Shillibeer
  • 3) Title and Resignation–Reema
  • 4) Expo 86–Kyle Hawke
  • 5) The Sound of Settling–Kelsey Savage
  • 6) Tiny Vessels–Lara Varesi

Side 2

  • 7) Transatlanticism—RC Weslowski
  • 8) Passenger Seat–Renee Sarojini Saklikar
  • 9) Death of an Interior Decorator–Elysia G
  • 10) We Looked Like Giants–Julia Pileggi
  • 11) A Lack of Colour–Erin-Brooke Kirsh

Doors open at 8, show at 9. 

$10 at the door but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Click here for More Details

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