In the Rehearsal with Turning Point Ensemble

air india [redacted] rehearsals TPE 026That moment, when text enters into the lexicon of a composer (Jurgen Simpson)

That moment, and the musicians, their instruments: harp, oboe, strings, clarinet, trombone, flute, bass, trumpets, percussion and piano.

that moment, when the conductor (Owen Underhill).

that moment, when the director (Tom Creed).

that moment, when bass, countertenor, soprano.

Music is to words, that moment when image (John Galvin),

and the archive that is Canada/Air India

Daniel Cabena, Canadian countertenor: 10 questions with blogger Barcza

Leslie Barcza interviewed Canadian countertenor, Daniel Cabena with ten questions:

revealing, vulnerable, Daniel Cabena opens up about his life and art…He’s the countertenor in the Nov.2015 production, air india [redacted]…

Thank you, Leslie, for permission to reblog:

Counter-tenor Daniel Cabena

“Canadian countertenor Daniel Cabena is highly regarded in both Canada and Europe for prize-winning performances ranging from baroque to contemporary repertoire, described as “very classy, with his freely flowing slender, well-sustained alto voice”. Cabena holds an Honours Bachelor of Music from Wilfrid Laurier University and a Doctorate of Music from l’Université de Montréal. He has also taken part in numerous workshops and academies, including the Centre for Opera Studies in Italy, l’Académie Internationale de Musique de Comminges, l’Académie Baroque Européenne d’Ambronay, and the Briten-Pears Young Artist Programme, for which he was assisted by the Canadian Aldeburgh Foundation.

Cabena’s engagements this season will include appearances in Europe with Musica Fiorita, Ensemble La Morra, Ensemble Diapsalma, Le Concert Spirituel and at the Schlossmediale Festival. In Canada, Cabena will appear with the Guelph Chamber Choir and Nota Bene Period Orchestra, as well as with pianist, Stephen Runge, in a tour of “A Sanctuary in Song,” a recital program of 20th Century English and Canadian song, which they premièred on CBC radio in 2013. In the summer of 2015, Cabena will appear with l’Orchestre de la Francophonie in the première of Chants dérobés, a song cycle for countertenor and orchestra by Stacey Brown on texts by Québécois writer Augustin Rioux.

On the occasion of “A Sanctuary in Song”, an eight concert art-song tour running until early December 2014 in Eastern Canada with collaborative pianist Stephen Runge, [Leslie Barcza] asked Daniel ten questions: five about himself and five more about his creative projects.

1) Are you more like your father or your mother?

I suspect that I most closely resemble my father, Barrie. I share many of his features and predispositions, especially a passion for music and what I would call a devotion to story, in a number of different guises – fiction, liturgy, anecdote, legend…. We’re also both quite involved in an inner life, both introverts and both fascinated by the processes and influences that shape that inner life. But we’re also temperamentally quite different one from the other, so I might look to my mothers for insight. And perhaps you noticed the odd plural there! My biological mother died when I was a child, a bit too young to have known the term “melancholic,” though certainly old enough to know its most famous representative, “Eeyore; so, in other words, it would be difficult for me to identify in myself traits of temperament that I might share with my mom. But I’ve been blessed with a wonderful step-mother with whom I do share many traits of personality and many values and interests. In choosing a musical path, I follow both my father, who’s primarily a composer and organist, and my step-mom, who’s a very accomplished amateur singer. I’m grateful to my parents for having raised me in a way that honours honesty, love, hard work and intuition. I find that those values inspire me in all that I do, in all my singing and living.

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