The Feminist Caucus in Conversation series 2022

Image: League of Canadian Poets

The Feminist Caucus in Conversation series is an annual chapbook and audio project from the League of Canadian Poets. In this project, listen to members of the LCP Feminist Caucus interview each other on topics including poetry (naturally), shared identities, the writing process, family, politics, and more.

In the 2022 series, poets explore the concept of compassionate feminism. These are tough times we live in: pandemic inequities and our climate change emergency, and the ongoing pain of racial and economic injustice, act as clarion calls to action.

How can the essentially solitary act of making poems be sustained by a community of feminists who respect, admire and are curious about one another? How might feminist poets enact these qualities as interactions with each other? How might we as poets practice self-care and take care of each other?

Episode 1: January 12, 2022 – With Renée Sarojini Saklikar, Heather Birrell and Phoebe Wang

The full 3-part series will be released throughout January here: 

Nov.25-27:  Virtual Events with Meet The Presses

Honoured to be a new member of the Meet The Presses Collective, and to participate in three days of small press festivities. Join us!

bpNichol Chapbook Award Announcement Gala

  • Thursday, November 25th at 7pm EST

Press Clips

  • Friday, November 26th at 7pm EST
  • Join us for a screening of a compilation of videos of small presses from across Canada sharing who they are and what they do!

Small Press Silent Reading Book Club with Vickie Ziegler

  • Saturday, November 27th at 2pm EST

Please note that the Zoom link will be sent out via email one hour before each event. Reach out to with any questions.

Tickets are Pay-What-You-Can and all donations are incredibly appreciated. Meet the Presses is an all volunteer collective, and all funds go towards supporting our activities and future events.

Protecting our pollinators

Always a pleasure to learn more about bees and the environment—here’s Royal Roads University President Philip Steenkamp on protecting pollinators:

Appreciate the mention for Listening to the Bees, which I co-authored with the wonderful Mark Winston!

This work, a wonderful combination of science and art, recounts the lessons learnt from a life spent living among the bees. It is a delight to read, like dipping into a jar of honey. (This book and Winston’s Lessons from the Hive are both available in the RRU Library.)”