In the Rehearsal: “there’s a kind of hush around the date”

air india [redacted]: rehearsals at the Fei and Milton Wong Experimental Theatre.

Four days in: libretto and music score, text and archive, singers and composer, conductor and director, and me, the poet.

The time it takes to enter into rhythm, tone, cadence. When artists gather and do the work.

That quality of an atmosphere, built up, by delving into detail.

This afternoon, when Owen said, “then we can feel the 8th notes underneath,”

I thought about language, fluid and solid, about the power of music, about time and its dimensions.

I & Eye Magazine: An Interview

I & Eye Magazine: An Interview with North Island College

…in a way, the work is the research. The poems are an elegiac sequence exploring the nature of personal loss in the midst of public trauma, about what I call the everything/ness, nothing/ness of Air India. It was through the research, not just factual, but a kind of immersion into the language, culture, cadence of this occurrence, that ultimately became the work.”

Read the full interview here 

The Rejecteds, second in the League

to date this year, 20 rejections; 11 accepted publications.

Husby to Hedge: “that’s a .335 batting average.”

Hedge: “there no crying in baseball”

Happy Hedge, wasp stung, still doing the work, Oregon to Vancouver, post-Poets on the Coast 2012, at Nye Beach, Newport : a gathering of poets from the Pacific Northwest