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Pay with a Poem: National Poetry Month

Pay With A Poem

Happy to share the following fun and inclusive poetry event to kick off April as National Poetry Month!

“Pay with a Poem” is back at the Newton Espresso Café! Pay with a poem and get a free coffee, tea or pop during the month of April, 2017 at the Newton Espresso Café! The Newton Espresso Café is located at 7330—137 Street in Newton.

All poems must be original. Poems can be on any theme and in any format, but we encourage submissions on the themes of “Mugs and Conversations.” Selected poems will be published in the monthly community-led poetry publication “The Cedar Bark ‘Zine.”

This “Pay with a Poem” initiative is presented by Newton Espresso Café, Friends of the Grove, and the Cedar Bark Poets in celebration of National Poetry MonthFor more information on the “Pay with a Poem” initiative, contact David Dalley at info@friendsofthegrove.caFor more information on the Newton Espresso Café contact owner Youssif Ihab at or (604) 590-2299.”

See here for pictures and a summary of last year’s “Pay with a Poem”

Events and readings

July 12: Katheren’s Vigil & Friends of the Grove

Friends of the Grove
Photo from Friends of the Grove website.

Planning to visit Newton, to spend time with the local poetry community there, as Surrey Poet Laureate:

Every year, Katheren spends a few hours in The Grove building connections with people and hearing their stories. This year, because of the construction, Katheren will either be in The Grove of the nearby PLOT garden until the end of July, 2016.

If you want to be sure to meet up with her, it might be a good idea to email her ahead of time so you know where and when to meet! She can be reached at”

Click here for more info

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Imagination is the Beginning of Creation

A great blog recap on an event I attended as Surrey Poet Laureate in Newton a couple of weeks ago:

Each step we take towards building a stronger neighbourhood is a step into uncharted territory. The issues we face in our neighbourhood are complicated and messy and there are rarely well-defined answers or directions. Each step is a courageous act of creativity.”

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