A Review of After the Battle of Kingsway, the bees

After the battle of kingsway, the bees
Image from above/ground press.

Thanks to Subterranean Blue Poetry for doing a review of my chapbook, After the Battle of Kingsway, the bees:

“…The long poem begins in aftermath, perhaps a broken love affair, an argument, escalated into war, has ceded into the depths of time. A fascinating play with language and concepts, the images of bees hover in the background as if painted into different dimensions of time overlapping, the poem works on different levels, as if in parallel realities. In the work, bee images surface, sometimes as if the protagonists in the story are bees and there are images of bees, the inside of nests, the making of wax enclaves for honey. A magic symbol in pagan mythology, symbolizing the productivity of the community, fertility and royal enclaves, the imagery weaves an allusion to bloodlines and the tenacity of the human spirit in adversity. As if a comment on the strained cultural way of the West during the Industrialized Economy and the ensuing violence in personal relationships with whispers of the reclaiming of Holy Spirit tenets and cultural knowledge in the New Computerized Society beginning to recreate peace…”

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Word Vancouver 2016: Above/Ground Press Readings

Image from wordvancouver.ca


4:15 pm Stephen Collis (Adopted by: book’mark, The Library Store)
New Life (above/ground press $4.00)
4:20 pm Renée Sarojini Saklikar (Adopted by: Hager Books)
After the Battle of Kingsway, the bees (above/ground press $4.00)
4:25 pm lary timewell
Odds Are (above/ground press $4.00)

Date: September 25, 2016
Location: Vancouver Public Library, Central Branch, The Underground

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Oscar Martens interviews rob mclennan

After the Battle of Kingsway, the Bees

Lovely to get a mention for After the Battle of Kingsway, the bees in Oscar Marten’s interview with rob mclennan:

OM: You seem to have come at self-promotion from every possible angle. What has been most effective in putting your work, and the work of others, in front of readers?

rm: I think the most effective thing has been the fact that I don’t rely solely on one way in which to inform people. Some might notice via my email list, others might via FB or blog, while even others via Twitter. For some, it’s the physical table of books at a small press fair, whether Ottawa or, occasionally, Toronto. I often mail chapbook handouts to book fairs in other parts of North America as well, something I’ve been doing for a decade or so now. I sent fifty copies of a new Renée Saklikar above/ground press chapbook as handout at the recent Buffalo Small Press Book Fair, and fifty copies of the new lary timewell above/ground press chapbook to Louisiana, for Marthe Reed to hand out at the New Orleans Poetry Festival. I like the idea of books making it to events that I can’t, and I know if I attempt to sell physical copies through someone else, it just becomes more complicated, especially with authors that most audiences at those events wouldn’t know too much about…”

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May 1: Thot-j-Bap with Nous-Zot press

from the long poem thot-j-bapHere’s a lovely post from Marthe Reed, publisher at Nous-Zot press, on hand-stitching chapbooks from volume 2 of thecanadaproject. An excerpt:

The tragedy of Mrs. Maria,

                  Church Street at Tyne

Outside, before train convoys—

Outside, crowded platforms

Them with arms straight, hands empty.

Outside, waving is not permitted.

Gangs of youth wander, singing,

un coup de dés, ah-ayee, ah-yee, jamais, jamais.

[We glimpsed the edge of her cherry red coat]…”

Nous-Zot press will also be having a great reading and event in Brooklyn on May 1. I can’t make it, but if you’re in the neighbourhood…

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to chronicle, a compulsion: V.R.Saklikar // Elizabeth Argue

my father writes to me on my birthday. It is the 1980's

for birthdays, you’d type out fragments “everything here is the path of a responding” (M.Heidegger)

that time in Saskatchewan: where? Kinistino (Carrot River Valley) or

Grenfell, at the junction of–

you, on the ice rink. Wrong clothes: second-hand brown cloth jacket

you, learning how to skate, proceed with care, and hold on to the boards.

Dear Betty, you are gone now. I miss your letters.


Night and the little chapbooks. I stitch paper and make mistakes.