Lunch Poems at SFU

Lunch Poems at SFU: Tim Bowling and Donato Mancini

SFU Lunch Poems Oct 2014

Lunch Poems at SFU is an SFU Public Square program, connecting the city with poets – a great place to bring your lunch and your questions about poetry. There’s always a Q & A after the reading.

The light in the gallery is beautiful, the vibe is friendly and relaxed.

And we always end on time.

about doing the work

Working Harder, Excellent Poems, and breath space

about pattern word spaceabout Donato Mancini’s You Must Work Harder to Write Poetry of Excellence

about the way every ksw workshop I want to attend coincides with reading/performing lyric poetry

about Stuart Ross on pandering and spoken word and the small press

about difficult

about dissonance

about Betsy Warland reading Adrienne Rich

about the breath          into the line

about Albert Goldbarth’s The Two Domains (thx E.Bachinsky)

about doing the work

anamnesia-unforgetting this evening @ Vivo Media Arts Centre 7pm  clip from the Vivio Media Arts Centre

VIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver’s oldest media access artist run centre presents Anamnesia: Unforgetting, a series of three screenings of videos from the 1970s and 1980s, collected through the early Satellite Video Exchange program. The videos are now housed in VIVO’s Crista Dahl Media Library and Archive, a collection of 4500 titles of international video art and related ephemera. Emerging out of Intermedia, the Satellite Video Exchange collection documents important correspondence, performance and activist video collaborations in Vancouver’s art history.

The curators of Anamnesia: Unforgetting, Alex Muir, Donato Mancini and Cecily Nicholson will present their programs on November 15th, 22nd and 29th. The three events are accompanied by a publication, artist conversations, DVD box set and online component.

Nicholson has restored video documents from 1973 to 1979 that address the Oglala Sioux and American Indian Movement stand at Wounded Knee. Curated amongst them are documents of concurrent narratives on prison asylum and the civil rights movement, including a lecture given by Angela Davis at UC Berkley and a documentary on prison inmates in a San Francisco jail. A number of protests, including a gathering to stop the extradition of Leonard Peltier at the Vancouver Art Gallery will be presented. Winnipeg based Anishnabe Writer, Marie Annharte, author ofIndigena Awry, Being On the Moon, Coyote Columbus Café and Exercises in Lip Pointing, will read at the event.