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“So, what is thecanadaproject, again?” About occurrence and place

Searching for Pauline Johnson
Searching for Pauline Johnson

About E. Pauline Johnson ~ Tekahionwake

‘The Lost Island’ is a response to…her story, first published in…is itself a reflection of…”

~ Wayde Compton, The Outer Harbour

“Her biographers narrate the life of Pauline Johnson as a ‘dual life’ and in this way ‘solve’ the problem of her life story.”

~ Stephen Osborne, GEIST 96, Spring 2015, “Insurgency: history brushed against the grain”, see page 10.

I lay out my scraps of research – the haunting trees, Johnson’s walks to…”

~ Meredith Quartermain, I, Bartleby, “Moccasin Box”, p. 106.