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May 1: Thot-j-Bap with Nous-Zot press

from the long poem thot-j-bapHere’s a lovely post from Marthe Reed, publisher at Nous-Zot press, on hand-stitching chapbooks from volume 2 of thecanadaproject. An excerpt:

The tragedy of Mrs. Maria,

                  Church Street at Tyne

Outside, before train convoys—

Outside, crowded platforms

Them with arms straight, hands empty.

Outside, waving is not permitted.

Gangs of youth wander, singing,

un coup de dés, ah-ayee, ah-yee, jamais, jamais.

[We glimpsed the edge of her cherry red coat]…”

Nous-Zot press will also be having a great reading and event in Brooklyn on May 1. I can’t make it, but if you’re in the neighbourhood…

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about doing the work

thecanadaproject vol. 2 in DUSIE 17

thecanadaproject vol. 2, in DUSIE 17

dusie 17 cover
DUSIE 17 cover image.


The generative impulse for this issue of DUSIE was in part informed by Timothy Morton’s Ecology Without Nature, his challenge to the notion of “nature” as it has historically been constituted, a notion fundamentally invested in isolating human from the so-called “natural” world, and that realm from the human one.”

– Marthe Reed, editor, DUSIE 17

So begins guest editor Marthe Reed’s thoughtful provocation, introducing DUSIE 17, an international online journal featuring emerging and established poets from around the world. This issue includes work from Camille Dungy, Bhanu Kapil, Megan Kaminski, Rachel Zolf as well as new work from volume two of thecanadaproject.

Written as if in communion with Marthe Reed’s exhortation for this issue,  my new poems explore this question, “How might witnessing in writing and art afford, indeed enact, an ecological poetics, a political/social/cultural, economic/aesthetic reconfiguration of “being-with” rather than being outside/separate?”