A Review of The Wigmaker, The Capilano Review


The Wigmaker

My review of The Wigmaker, by Janet Gallant and Sharon Thesen, published over at The Capilano Review. An excerpt:

Janet’s voice, embodied by Sharon’s poetry, tells us what this young black woman, poised and pretty, will endure and what will happen to her. To read the poems as historical documentation of a hidden life, a silenced voice, is to enter a dimension that forces both inquiry—how can this have happened?—and also an understanding of the reality of what many endure, behind the closed doors of a home… “


Peter Culley, 1958-2015, Letter to Hammertown from Royale, unsent

that time you asked me to write, and it were postcards

2015 March April 053

http://robmclennan.blogspot.ca/2015/04/peter-culley-1958-2015.html (with thanks to rob mclennan)

http://www.kswnet.org/editables/pdfsANDscans-TSUNAMI/Culley_fruit-dots.pdf   (with thanks to M. Turner for the link)

reading deep local : Maxine Gadd, Mona Fertig, Kate Braid

about reading deep local: Maxine Gadd’s Backup to Babylon (New Star Books, 2006)

“this is a book of ancient history, ravings, folly and struggle.”

about Mona Fertig and Peter Hasse, producing the hand-craft book, Fire in the Cove (2001)

about Kate Braid, her work: carpenter, poet : her passion was concrete