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Ontario Poet Chris Turnbull creates visual art with THOT-J-BAP

Ontario poet and visual artist, Chris Turnbull, inscribes language into and on to objects, into the world around outside her rural home.

Here, a few photographs and comment-fragments about her process with poems from THOT-J-BAP: 

to discover and discover and think…COOL…text…
–laid out on a couple of boards in the garage…
–ended up transcribing via handwriting onto the inner portion of piece of birch bark.

Chris invited me to read the entire Nous-Zot chapbook into an audio file, which Chris says “over time it will ‘replace’ the birch bark pieces, because they’ll erode and the text will change or the birch will drift in the cube.

Eventually, there’ll just be birch bark again, but your voice will be there in the qr-code format.”

Chris Turnbull’s work with THOT-J-BAP will be installed at the end of September 2016 at 4elementslivingarts.org

For more information about the Elements festival, please visit: http://4elementslivingarts.org/workshops-and-classes/2092/ 

More about the poetic and visual arts practice of Canadian poet Christ Turnbull:

about doing the work

May 1: Thot-j-Bap with Nous-Zot press

from the long poem thot-j-bapHere’s a lovely post from Marthe Reed, publisher at Nous-Zot press, on hand-stitching chapbooks from volume 2 of thecanadaproject. An excerpt:

The tragedy of Mrs. Maria,

                  Church Street at Tyne

Outside, before train convoys—

Outside, crowded platforms

Them with arms straight, hands empty.

Outside, waving is not permitted.

Gangs of youth wander, singing,

un coup de dés, ah-ayee, ah-yee, jamais, jamais.

[We glimpsed the edge of her cherry red coat]…”

Nous-Zot press will also be having a great reading and event in Brooklyn on May 1. I can’t make it, but if you’re in the neighbourhood…

Learn more here