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Paradise, Later Years

I wrote a very long review on this book of long poems (Marion Quednau’s Paradise, Later Years) and a version of it appeared on The Ormsby Review today:

“Marion Quednau, from Gibsons, has won awards for both poetry and prose, including a Smithbooks-Books in Canada First Novel Award for The Butterfly Chair (1987). With Paradise, Later Years, she now debuts her first full-length collection of long poems, prose poems, and lyrics, which read as individual poems. Divided into four sections, “Holiday,” “Nuclear Family,” “When the Power Went Out,” and the eponymous “Paradise, Later Years,” Quednau writes in long lines that spill almost into the middle gutter of the book, creating a flow-sensation so that the entire work reads as a book-length poem. Kudos to Quednau, her editors, and her publisher for releasing a book where every poem is long and lengthy in form and in theme…”

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