about doing the work

Finding Jam Ismail, thinking about Tim Bowling and WH New’s YVR

about language, inside/out-sides: lyric/linear

about  talis/woman for the road, language hobbyist, found-by-chance, inside F Wah’s “Half-Bred Poetics” inside Wayde Compton’s teaching – to show, to construct – inside  The Writer’s Studio

Betsy Warland telling me, maybe it is–

about time, about 1980’s at UBC: anthology, blue, paperback (WH New)

about rhythm in Ryga No 5 and Tim Bowling‘s seven

about Main Street and her songs – taking YVR on the skytrain to hear Jam Ismail

about Keefer Street

hey, miss you, Jax

about doing the work

Ryga, A Journal of Provocations, No 5/12 : the air india poems

because this is the work, with Tim Bowling, Seven Poems, Kurt Bachard, The Country, Jennifer LoveGrove, Three Poems, Erin Moure, Interview and Excerpt from (Kapusta), George M Johnson, Still Life with Nudes, Eleanor Bennett, photographer/artist

because “all art is response”

because Sean Johnston

because Corinna Chong

because Okanagan College

because “it isn’t the poet who–” (Erin Moure)

because my cousin, Irfan

Ryga: a journal of provocations,5/2012, available at People’s Coop Bookstore