What is thecanadaproject?

thecanadaproject is a life-long poem chronicle about place, identity, language. In it are many things, including published material and works in progress such as a prose poem novel, a series of essays about life from India to Canada, coast to coast as well as many sequences of poems, in part, about the places I’ve lived: Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Northern Ontario, Northern Quebec, Montreal, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.  The project will end when I end. It is a series of fragments always asking, when does the poem begin?

thecanadaproject interviews series

To interview another is to engage in process: discovery, interrogation. The question as astrolabe can also be weapon. How to leave space for the subject – that’s what I think about when approaching writers and artists…this section is also about gratitude, for those who do the work. Always there is the challenge: how to stay open—what did Martha Graham exhort?— keep the channel open. Is poetry a project? Dorothea Lasky, whose work I love, thinks not. And yet…

Essay fragments

“This is a site of fragments. This is part of a long poem. This is not enough time. This is time, and its dimensions.”

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  1. Renée, I was stunned to hear you reading from Children of Air India Saturday morning on CBC. Can’t wait to read the book. I’ve kind of been doing a Canadaproject of my own from the imagined (and not so imaginary) perspective of my Indo-Canadian mother-in-law. Best to start at the bottom, as in so many things in life, if you’re up for it: http://inthenextroom.wordpress.com/ With great respect and admiration, Earl Fowler (uuuuurl@shaw.ca)

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